Secrets of Love

Love is NOT What We Were Told !   Secrets We NEVER Heard

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The book offers a new point of view that gives answers to some of the most basic questions a person asks & looks for.

Here are some of the subjects it covers:

  • What is Love?
  • The Heart
  • Lack of Love?
  • Too much Love?
  • Closed Heart
  • Open Heart
  • The Confusion
  • The Conditioning
  • The Connection Between Love & Sex
  • The Connection Between Love & Relationship
  • Intimacy
  • Is There Space in Our Lives for a Duo Relationship?
  • Why Have a Duo relationship?
  • What is Fear?
  • The Path, The Duty & The Illusion
  • Extra Feature: Cards of "Things to Remember"

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    Readers Testimonials


    It will certainly raise in you observations & thoughts...

    Ahrale Shares with us high insights about Love, brings an open mind about the essence of unconditional love, breaks patterns of attachments & fears, encourages a different way of thinking and the creation of a world based on an open heart. It is recommended to read while being open to a change of perspective. It will surely make you think & wonder.

    Relly Warn  //  Spiritual Mentor

    ​A thought-provoking read for sure!...

    ​Ahrale breaks traditional views and dismantles traditional concepts around Love and Partnership. A recommended read to everyone who likes to challenge their beliefs and go within in order to find their own truth in the process.

    PETRA SHREM  //  ​Coaching

    Frequently asked Questions

    I thought everything was already said about love. Do you really have something new to say about love?

    Yes. Absolutely! The book brings genuine new information that was never published before, as well as a new point of view & perspective about love & relationships. It will challenge your mind & will make you think.

    If I buy t​he book, What do I actually get?

    It depends which version you chose to buy.

    Kindle version: You get the standard  kindle version like any other kindle book under Amazon. You can still join this site without extra fee. Just contact me using the helpdesk page, attach your Amazon invoice​ and ask to join.

    Flip book version: you will go through a registration process to this website and become members. As members you will be able to read the flip book here. You will also be able to join a closed discussion group and more to come.

    Can I buy a hard copy of the book?

    At the moment I did not publish hard copies of the book, however, if I will hear from readers that they want hard copies as well, I'll do my best to comply.

    Can I buy it as a gift to someone else?

    Yes. Absolutely! Just put their name & Email during the registration process.

    I want to discuss & debate...

    Please do! I encourage you to do so. The discussion board on this website is open for members only (people who read the book).

    What is your refund policy?


    As much as I want to keep you 100% happy, due to the nature of this product, it usually cannot be refunded. So if you do not intend to enjoy the new insights & information in this book, better, do not purchase it. However, since I want to keep you 100% happy, If you are not happy for a legitimate reason​ (such as technical failures) just open a support ticket and for 1 week I will ​fully refund you.